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You just opened a Boston Market at 157th and Broadway, New York, NY your menu has no prices. Let me be the first to predict your future in Harlem.

We work hard and do not want to be surprised by your prices. We plan meals because we are in a city that cost a lot to live. Your food is not that great but, if you want everyone in this area to be a one time customer, than you're on the night track.

Plenty of rotisserie places to eat from in this area. Hope you did your due diligence on the prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Chicken.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Prices change frequently in response to the altered prices of others in the field. As such, leaving the prices off of the take out menus means your menu stays contemporary and they don't have to spend money making new menus, which would be taken home more frequently by people who already have the outdated menu, costing the company more money.

When expenses go up, so do prices.

By leaving the prices off of the take out menu, you are paying slightly less for your chicken and seeing slightly leas frequest price changes as well.

You are free to order from other establishments, but it sounds like you would be complaining about how the take home menu says the chicken is 7.99 but the store charged you 8.29 if the menu listed prices. Being hard to please is going to be a burden on both of us someday.