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Boston Market, store 361, College Ave. Newark, Delaware. At 1/1/2016, 8:45pm. After politely asking for 2 half chicken dark meals to go I was refused service because the employee said "I'm not going to cut up 2 chickens because I want to go home early, but I can give you 1 half dark and one half white". I walked out rather than create a scene. I love your food, but your employee can keep his attitude.


Paul J. Cecce

309 Feryn Farms Drive

New Castle, Delaware, 19720


Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Chicken.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've worked for Boston Market for five years. In that time, I have noticed a few things about the quality of our employees.

We have a dynamic in our company that allows for employees to fail to succeed very easily. Simply put, we have good stores and bad stores. The good stores have found luck in their management and long term employees, and the store runs like a well oiled machine. Bad stores...

well, if you are trained in a store where everyone slacks off, you are more likely to slack off as well. My worry is that you've seen one of these stores, and in that case I hope there is another convenient location for you for the time being, as bad stores are hard to save in the current BM business model.

Best cade scenario, you have met with one of our occasional rotten eggs. Even my store (recently 4th best in the company) has a couple we can't seem to shake. I take solace in knowing that even an employee moronic enough to say something like what he said to you will not last long in our company.

Bad stores have a high employee turnover rate, and bad eggs tend to quit at the slightest sign of tension.

The holiday season is the best time for that sort of thing. Here is to hoping you have a better experience in the future, Paul!


An employee who gives a hoot