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The tv dinner box is a seller... The food was disgusting... Don't waste your money have a p&j sandwich, at least you won't feel ripped off

Product or Service Mentioned: Frozen Meal.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Due to having shoulder surgery I stocked up on several Boston Market frozen meals as one arm would be In a sling for 4-6 weeks and cooking would be difficult . These products are horrendous, nasty tasting *** After trying 3 of their items, I promptly threw all items I bought out in the garbage as this is what their products are - GARBAGE!

There are many other options to purchase in this line of food - do yourself a favor - buy any of them EXCEPT Boston Market! Luckily I had purchased other brands which were very tasty and I will stick with them.


I tried the meatloaf. It looked like dog food.

It tasted like dog food and I wouldn't even give it to my dog.

Unfortunately, I have 2 more different meals. Garbage day is tomorrow!


If you're inclined to try Boston Market home style frozen Meals start with just one. That will be enough to convince you that you won't want a second.

Do not expect the actual contents to actually look anything like the picture on the box. Do not expect the volume of beef or chicken to be anything less than skimpy little (very little) cut up pieces of meat.

When following directions to peel back and stir potatoes after initial heating do not expect to actually peel back anything close to one section. Good luck if you consider the mashed potatoe to be edible.