Lombard, Illinois
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I went to boston market today and recieved the WORST "meal" ever. I have been a frequent customer and always go there when i need some good comfort food.

But today, i ordered a 3 sides meal with spinach, mashed potatos and mac n cheese. But when i drove all the way across town to get the food and come back back home. I was appalled when i opened my bag to see that i had hardly any food. I had paid for 3 minescule sides that where horrible quality.

The small portion of mac and cheese was a solid block, and the spinach was completely watery, and the mashed potatoes where ice cold and the most disappointing sized serving i had EVER recieved. I am so angry i paid 7 dollars for hardly enough food to feed a toddler.

I mean i go here weekly and never been disappointed with my meals. Until today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Macaroni And Cheese Side Dish.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The side item sampler in your picture looks exactly the way it should be served. Sorry, but if you want better quality, you're more than welcome to make your food yourself.

The only issue I see withe your serving is the lack of 5oz bowl for your potatoes, but the serving is accurate. Don't buy the small meal if you're worried about small portions.


That definitely was not worth $7.00.