Ormond Beach, Florida
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In Ormond Beach Boston Market there was 5-6 employees behind the counter including cooks/managers & they just stared at me for 5-minutes without ever waiting on me or taking my order!!! These were all white employees & I'm a Black sr.

Citizen who worked for EEOC/IOHRO in Orlando, FL!!! I walked into the BM @ 6:25 March 31,2016 & I'm writing this post @6:15 on the same day!!! I was reminded of the 1950s & 60's when this kind of mess occurred consistently & was practiced all over the south!!! You obviously allow your employees to practice their racist attitudes in your stores & the cooks/managers condone & participate in the racism & bigotry, since no corrective action was taken!!!

I know they don't care about the loss of my business & maybe your ownership/corporation doesn't either, but I'm compelled to relate this incident to the NAACP; EEOC & the local chapter of the NAACP because this discrimination may be just the tip of a larger iceberg @ Boston Market!!!! E.D.Counts--Commander; AmVets Post#9122 Ormond Beach, FL!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Judging from your picture you were not at the counter, you were standing near the door. People usually do not yell across the room to take someone's order. Next time, take your *** to the counter like any normal person would and then they will wait on you.

And I can not believe you even went to the racial ***.


I agree this has been going on since Obama became president its disgusting we were over the racial *** until he got in and started this bull people need to remember this and quit letting the goof balls control you this country is being destroyed by this ***

and by the way if you are a racist you see people as what they truly are black white brown Japanese Chinese Korean that is their race this is not wrong what is wrong is if you are prejudice meaning you don't like the person because of race so lets get it right and quit making both terms bad god i am tired of idiots