Queens, New York
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STAY AWAY! I am an educator in a low income area.

I went to Boston Market to see if they would work with me to help give my first graders a nice Thanksgiving feast in the classroom. They absolutely refused to help and wanted to charge a ridiculous amount per child and then additional $25.00 to deliver 4 miles away from them. I spoke to the NY catering manager, Susan Cardoza, and she said my students are no different than any others, they wont give them special treatment. I was appalled!

I wasn't asking for free food, just a small discount or some extra biscuits maybe even waive the delivery fee. They wouldnt do anything to help. The manager at Popeye's actually cooked a whole turkey for us and delivered it no charge with mac/cheese, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. I will never give Boston Market my business again..not to mention the filth I have seen in several locations i.e.

overflowing toilet into dining room and no one wanted to clean it. Stay far away!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It isn't the job of the teacher to provide her class with a Thanksgiving meal. There are all kinds of non-profits, churches, etc.

that serve Thanksgiving meals to anybody that wants to attend. Therefore, it is the parent's responsibility to take their family to one of those locations.