I went to your location on Sunday Nov 5 to get a meatloaf dinner for the $5 w/ coupon. The coupon said order only in restaurant the worker told me to come back later as they would have more meatloaf made, I went back and the MOST Awful, RUDE, MEAN PERSON came to the door and said only on line orders even though the coupon was in restaurant only he would not honor it and was extremely RUDE TO ME.

I told him that I was going to complain to Corporate and he said go right ahead because they won't care. I also told the RUDE MANAGER that if the employee would of told me when I was there the first time that I could not get this dinner I was near another location 1hour after I went to this location the first time.I tried calling you with out any one answering. This issue needs to be resolved.

I understand online orders only, but there should be a better way. I left this location very, very upset, my husband thought something happened to me.

User's recommendation: Don't go to this location EVER!!!

Location: Washington Township, Michigan

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