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Horrific and disrespectful I go almost every day at 10:30 through the drive-through sometimes they may be a minute or two late but it’s OK that’s life today they were pushing over 10 minutes late I finally parked the car and went inside to find that the door was also close it’s now am 10:40 I asked the person opening the door if I’m standing here for three or four minutes in the cold why would you open the door first step was no work there when I open up my door for us he seem to have been irritated that I was bothered to be standing outside in the cold for several minutes I am been looking at two employees hustling to put everything out and I asked the same person to open the door who was the person who is going to be taking my order do you need a couple of minutes because it doesn’t look like you’re ready once again irritated again he answered what’s your order “what do you want can’t you see were busy “ needless to say this starter downward Spiral I saw that he was getting very aggressive in his language and body language I felt threatened by his language language that I do not believe he could say in front of his grandmother or in front of a judge or in church most of the underneath his breath feeling threatened I started to Record on my phone His behavior became a lot better but being who he is and since he was so already irritated I couldn’t even ask anything else he wanted me to get meatloaf I want to chicken I thought I had a choice the cook told the other employee in Spanish but I already told him we’re not done with the protein they’re all under cooked we need about another 10 /# 15 minutes I couldn’t afford to wait that long being that my mother is in the hospital I don’t understand how you can keep a business running if when things go bad you’re employer sees fit to torment disrespect condescending insulting Belligerent aggressive and such language he only changed his language when the camera was rolling this tells me he knew 100% what’s right and wrong but he couldn’t contain a little bit of his anger if you see in the video you hear the food dropping that’s how aggressively of angry took the food back saying I don’t need to shop there there’s another Boston market down the road then proceeded and just to continue to add insult to injury then proceeded to walk me out by telling me I was trespassing if I didn’t leave and also sad if I park in between two parking spaces again Kevin so he says that’s his name sad he will call the cops to give me a ticket Wow I just parked there in between two parking spaces your parking lot that looks like it takes about 40 cars I’m the only car & only customer I go there so early that I actually sometimes wait from 10 in the morning till 1030 to be the first person they Because I’m in the area at 10 in the morning dropping my partner off to work I am there so early that sometimes when they leave a package FedEx I’m usually the one picking it up and knocking on the door and saying has a package because I guess leave it at the door I believe one employee said I think that’s all checks I will never ever go into this Boston market ever again I’ve looked away when I found strands of hair connected it looks like it was part of a wig because it was like 45 pairs together with a glued end it wasn’t even Halloween it was the summer I look the way mistakes happen I’ve looked away when they gave me raw chicken it was so pink that if it was read me it would be bleeding mistakes happen I looked away when they’ve given me macaroni that was so dry that it looks like it was baked macaroni I’ve looked away when I went inside to go bathroom and it look like there was many accidents so one of those customers half that’s not something I did say something but I didn’t make an issue because stuff happens I’ve looked away when your garbage was so overflowing inside the restaurant that it’s that it look i’ve looked away when I went inside to go bathroom and it look like there was many accidents so one of those customers hat that said something I didn’t say something but I didn’t make an issue because stuff happens I’ve looked away when your garbage was so overflowing inside the restaurant that garbage started to hit the floor what I’m trying to tell you with all this is that I’m the perfect customer for you guys I overlook a lot I am an avid customer I am consistent and the only two things that I asked that may be different From other customers I asked for a Coke with extra Club soda and when I asked for a marketable I asked them to leave the wing Waze are the only two things that may be different than other customers but since I go there every other day almost every day to be honest it should be the normal I always pay in cash and most of the time I bring exact change I always smile and I always say please and thank you even when they forget to give me the fork napkins once or twice they give me the wrong order I always go back with respect because respect is what I would like to receive when I’m being given a service that I’m paying for Please excuse any grammar or miss spelled words because IM speaking into my phone because I am dyslexic I am very very very hard my name is Carlos Garcia and my telephone number is 201-838-4072

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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As soon as you started recording, you should have been told to leave the store. You obviously were looking to start some drama.


You are an *** Why can't you record what goes on in Boston Market? Why?

So the *** who work there can deny what they did and said? If they did nothing wrong the employees have nothing to worry about!


No one cares....Only a fool would stand in the cold as you did. Only an entitled, lifeless bore would waste time pecking out a rant(that most people ignored or skimmed) and took photos too.

Look lifeless, no one owes you their name. You're buying food, that's it. I'm pretty sure you pull your customer is God act everywhere you go to compensate for something that's missing from your banal life.

Hopefully by doing this on a regular basis, folks know who deserves extra protein in their meals. Please do the world a favor and stay home.


Agreed. This is another sad and bad example of a entitled customer.


And only a fool would tell others what do. I don't need your advice or permission.

I had this happened to me. I was racially profiled.

That's your own fault you're blowing out of your...And acting like stupid. Please read and learn english.


People do know how to read. And people do know english.

You're just mad and angry because people caught you lying and fabricating!

If anybody is stupid it is you! There's a difference between telling others what to do and calling out and confronting customers like you!


You shouldn't eat that stuff anyhow ; it is overloaded with sodium (salt) and is hazardous to the health of anyone even moderately affected by fluid retention. Help to preserve your long term health and don't eat such salty food.

Anything that reads over 10% of your daily allowance per serving per day is too much. Kryptonite.

Get in a good habit now and you will live longer, happier, and without the frustration of crummy restaurants. Good luck to you for the future !


pretty sure people are able to make up their own minds about what they eat! Don't recall anybody asking your your input!


sounds like you need to worry about you and your body, and your health. Not others!

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