4600 City Line Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA
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I was terminated from this job, due to the fact of being to clean. I came in to my shift ecstatic and ready to work.

Only for me to come in to a disaster of a work station. Food was everywhere and it was impossible for me to do anything. I was not stocked up their was no food in the back sham at all and hardly anything in the water bath. Due to my cleaning i got yelled at for not having cream spinach not even given a chance to explain about the mess and the lack of preparation, i was told that i only get paid to keep food on the line thats it not to clean.

I find that very wrong in many ways.

I work hard to my best ability, and did not deserve to be fired because it was lack their of from management checking behind the worker before my shift. Boston Market on city line in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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They were featured on Undercover Boss... so I guess all that positive, customer-friendly stuff the CEO was saying was just *** I've heard from many people that BM is not a good place to work or eat at.

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