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My pet peeve is products that are not as advertised on the box or on TV. One of the worst offenders are the microwaveable dinners.

Check this one out for example from Boston Market, made for them by Bellisio Foods. Every time I get one like this I email them and complain. I usually get a couple of coupons in the mail, but they very seldom correct the problem. This has happened to me a half dozen times this year already with different food companies and fast food places.

I HAVE HAD IT ! Compare the turkey in the box's picture and the actual turkey that was in the dinner.

I took it out and put it in a smaller bowl so the gravy and potatoes could be stirred, which actually makes it look bigger than it was, which is even worse. Pathetic!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Turkey Breast Medallions Frozen Meal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Correct the food product so what is inside actually matches the photo on the box! This is a re-occurring problem with Bellisio Foods..

Boston Market Pros: Taste and freshness was really good.

Boston Market Cons: Amount of meat inside compared to the photo.

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lol anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that NO packaged food looks inside like it does on the cover/label. jeez it's called presentation.

if you took your time you could make your own NON frozen dinner meal and make it look like the picture but that might take you time and effort!?

oh no the horror! =(


I sure wish I had your "life." If something like this is all you have to worry about you're cooking with gas. Are you really unhappy with the product or do you just complain for coupons? Coupons I'm sure they send you as a way to get rid of a nuisance.

I could be wrong but doesn't that box have a little ditty about the image being a "serving suggestion?"

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