1611 Pennsylvania Ave, Wilmington, DE 19806, USA
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I went to the Boston Market on Pennsylvania Ave in Wilmington Delaware ( near Downtown Wilmington) on November 5 ,2017.. on my previous visit there I had encountered a very rude and unprofessional (Black) Woman who served me..

she was not pleasant all all.. I made a complaint about her on the Boston Market survey. I did get a response on my email stating that the issue was addressed,bi was even offered coupons but I declined.. November 5,2017 this time the Black Woman saw me dropped my plate and had someone else serve me..

this kind of getting hoodrat mentally is disgusting.. I keep pursuing until something is done about it..

I already advised others not to go.. as I was a faithful Parton at that location since 2003..

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow what a racist you are!!!! You are pointing out her race which means you are one of those selfish self entitled white people.

Her race has nothing to do with the situation as you dont claim any racism. So that’s just YOU being a {{Redacted}}. Hey white lady, go away! Your not needed.

It’s quite clear that YOU aware the problem. Here’s a thought, STAY OFF THIER PRIVATE PROPERTY!

They ain’t going under so the minute amount of money you spend does NOT give you the right to take a personal vendetta out on another human being. Racist ***

William J

Lol.. personal vandetta.. first of all the black woman was not wearing her name tag so I did not know her name and it's about Customer Service better yet I don't have to explain anything to you because you are no one Important

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