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On Tuesday, April 25, 2017: a 1 inch triangular red plastic object was found while eating the Boston Market Chicken Parmesan meal after microwaving! It looked first like a piece of tomato stuck into the spaghetti, and I didn't pay attention to it until I finished most of the meal!

If swallowed, it would have caused death from choking! What is this, how did it get there, who to report this to?? Has anyone else seen this before? Product ID: BJ 03/03/2018 P-18297 15:34 7062 Purchased at a Stop & Shop in MA.

I will no longer buy products from this company anymore! What do others think of this, and what to do about it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Chicken Parmesan Frozen Meal.

Reason of review: dangerous 1 inch sharp red plastic object in frozen dinner that would have caused death from choking if swallowed.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Boston Market Cons: Chunk of plastic in chicken parmesan frozen dinner.

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Anonymous, I have a feeling you didn't win your lawsuit against Boston Market. Looks like you'll have to grow some common sense and work for a living after all.


If you swallowed it, you couldn't possibly choke to death.

It might damage your stomach or digestive system .

That food should be off your list anyhow because the salt is right through the roof.

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