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I just started working here a couple of days ago and he was already making me uncomfortable. But then he told me to take my headphones out my ears and he said mamas with it but it was making me uncomfortable and he called me it a second time so I asked him to stop but he keeps calling me it. It’s making me uncomfortable because I’m only 17

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Manager.

Reason of review: Manager issues.

Preferred solution: I want him gone or me transferred.

Boston Market Pros: Only.

Boston Market Cons: Terrible on line service.

  • Nasty Manager
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Oh you poor freaking snowflake!! Get over it!

It’s a term of endearment while they set to remembering your name. You’re only 17 yrs old and yet you think you have some right to demand that they get fired? Over literally NOTHING!! I think you need a slightly thicker skin young lady.

You’re going to be called an LOT of names during your time as a worker. What you should be doing is helping them to remember your name instead of wasting everyone’s time over your BS issue. You’re at work, you shouldn’t have your headphones in. You want people to treat you better then start acting with a little thing called professionalism.

I swear your parents should be ashamed of how you came out. You show all the signs of ending up either knocked up at a way to early age or fired from every single job. YOU have to live with the world, it DOES NOT have to change for you.

The sooner you get that through the fog of self entitlement that your parents have erroneously fostered in you the better off you will be working. You’re lucky you’re only 17 or I would forward this to their corporate offices and then YOU would have to deal with them over something that is as trivial as your ideas.

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