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Our home is a cross the street from [ Boston market in Somers point new jersey. have been neighbors for 20 or more years.

never had a problem till recently. I have never complained about the 'trash' that accrues Im a good neighbor. now they have a truck that delivers what ever to the store too nights a week wen and sun, it arrives anywhere between 10 pm till 2 am it stays for over an hour running what ever its very loud, we my self and my neighbor have been over to the store to complain. They tell us they have changed to a new company and that they will handle the problem.

well after complaining MANY times and telling us it will be handled .. It hasn't. told them we were going to complain to the city .. we have a policy s188-4 still no compliance ..

so now we come to you . complaining is not what we want to do we want to get a decent nite sleep.

hoping you can resole this matter.... Helene krause 235 w meyran av somers point new jersey.

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Well apparently this issue isn’t going to be resolved at the local level with the store in question......if they are violating a city ordinance then CALL THE POLICE! But I would recommend that you send a certified letter to both the local store as well as Corporate. Get all of your neighbors to sign letter and DEMAND that Boston Market cease and desist actions that are violating your local city ordinance or like I said call the police

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