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I went to Boston Market just to get some squash casserole with my meal plus an extra side of it to take home. When I asked why it wasn't available, I was told it had been discontinued!

WHO made this poor decision? Other people in line wanted to know the same thing. I can get all of the food I ordered for almost the same price at my deli at the supermarket. The one dish that set you apart was your squash casserole.

Now I no longer have a reason to visit Boston Market.

By the way, why don't you have a human voice that I can talk to? I've used a lot of valuable time having to type my message when I could have said it over the phone.

Poor customer service!

P.S. Squash casserole is a summer dish, and it is now summer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Menu.

Reason of review: No Squash Casserole!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I agree with "Pissed Consumer", what were you thinking?? I looked forward to that casserole, That was "Your Thing",, Who's running that company? Goodbye....


I agree! It is though one thing that Boston Market made, that you can't get anywhere else.

I absolutely loved it, and the copycat recipes are not as good. Please bring it back


i was *** too.. i was like 30sec staring at the lady cause i couldn't believe it...

WELL today i went to Boston Market and i was told that NO MORE STUFFING... What you guys doing!!

trying to go out of business by removing best side dishes, next thing youll remove the sweet potatoes... All he responds, sorry for the inconvenience lol..


im pissed too, because the side orders left to choose form are not that great. I loved the squash casserole and now its gone.

I need an explanation! or i want it back!


I found out when I ordered it and they said it was discontinued! Shocked--it was my favorite thing there.

It was actually the only reason I went out of my way to go there.

Haven't been since. Bad decision Boston Market.


100% agree... that was the only reason I would visit Boston market, I hate to say it but it certainly isn’t the chicken :-/


Oh No.... No more squash casserole....

Typical 1st World Loser Problem... Here's a thought, learn to make it yourself... It will taste better and you can make it as much or as little as you want. Make it your family signature dish, keep the recipe a secret only to pass it down later.

That's much better than letting someone bake it up for you... Or not...


I was very disappointed to find this out for myself today. I don't live near a Boston Market, but anytime I'm in an area I would always go just for the squash casserole. The sole reason I made a trip out to one today.


No squash casserole, no me or my family.


The Squash Casserole was the one dish that kept me coming back to my local Boston Market. I haven't been back since I found out it has been discontinued. I know, it's been a while, but I'm still disappointed about the decision to stop selling it.


Bring It Back...


I agree with the other customers, I was eating at Boston Market twice a week but, I have no reason to since they no longer carry squash casserole. The decision to remove this dish from the menu was a poor management decision. Sincerely, Former Customer


I too have not gone back because of the missing squash casserole. it was the best, something horrible must have happened to discontinue such an asset!

!!! Thank goodness the recipe is online!!!

@bummed customer

Please bring the squash back. It was very good.


I agree. No reason to go back as no squash cassettes

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