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Hello Boston Market

A short time ago the Boston Market restaurant at the corner of West 157th St. & Broadway in the Washington Hts.

section of Manhattan, New York City closed. We were sorry to see it go. The Restaurant brought a lot of good to that busy corner - good food, being good neighbors ie: keeping sidewalks and curbs surrounding the store clean and great lighting that brightened the corner in the evening. Since the restaurant closed the corner is back to its miserable filthy condition...but the newest wrinkle is an ever -growing pile of garbage and debris....all with Boston Market's name.

Signs, cardboard packing boxes, bags of paperwork, binders and even an entire Boston Mkt recipe book! The NYC Sanitation Dept. hasn't picked this up as it's "commercial" garbage - the responsibility of your business and whatever carting service handled this store.

Won't you please, PLEASE arrange the removal of this eyesore. As long as it remains, unfortunately pedestrians see it as OK to add to the mess.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: pick up the garbage.

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