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My family has been going to Boston Market for years. We recently went to the Gulf to Bay Boston Market in Clearwater Florida period while my husband was ordering food I had to go to the ladies from.

Upon going to the doorway I seen an emblem of a male and a female so I turned to look at the other doorway and it had the same. I was totally confused at first and then concerned. The bathroom to the left with both emblems a man was coming out of there and I felt very uncomfortable trying to go to the ladies room for women only because there was none no longer. I understand equality and have no problem with that but what about taking the right away from her to sexual women or had a sexual men who do not want to be in the bathroom at the same time with strangers?

We have decided that our family will no longer go inside the market but will only order at the window from now on take out to go home.

I understand you were trying to appease one group of people but you have now alienated the majority group of people. Something to think about.

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"but will only order at the window from now on take out to go home."

Typical crazy right wing nut "boycott."

So you don't like the toilets there and to show your displeasure, you're going to come, spend money and go through the drive through.

Great deal for them, they don't have to worry about turning tables as you linger about but still get your $$$

What's next, smashing the Keurig coffee machine you just bought?

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