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10 May 2018 Skibo Road Fayetteville, NC- I went to Boston Market approximately 1 pm. A friend of mines had reminded me of BOGO until 11 May. I order my plate and I asked about BOGO, Caprice was fixing plates, she replied go to website. I had reached cashier, Angelise D, she replied you need code to get BOGO. My Wi-Fi was not working the customer behind me was able to pull up on her phone but could not access coupon for BOGO. I was there on lunch break and had to go. I went ahead and paid and left ($11.06). I had to go further to get Wi-Fi and then was able to retrieve coupon. I returned in order to show the coupon for BOGO. I spoke with Angelise who was on register, she replied oh it’s too late for coupon. I tried to explain that the Wi-Fi wasn't able to come up before and asked to speak to a manager. She replied with an attitude "That she was the Manager”. I asked to speak with someone else. She turned too hastily and got the other person that served the first, Caprice. I tried to explain to her the Wi-Fi wasn't working and I had to go elsewhere to retrieve coupon. She also had an attitude and proceeded to argue and get loud that I should have presented earlier. She actually was standing there arguing, that she do it this time but next time no. She then proceeded to refund she had a nasty tone to her voice in telling me that you have to purchase a drink too. I responded okay. I had to go to my vehicle to get some more money. The second plate was fixed and handed to me. There was no thank you or an apology or anything like that. When finished transaction I asked who is the manager, because Angelise said that she was, then Caprice stated she is in training and that she was the assistant General Manager. I was very dissatisfied and angered by my entire experience today at Boston market.

•Another complaint, I ordered fried chicken, dark, there was only white meat. So I decided on rotisserie dark. Instead of a leg quarter (one piece) it came in two separate pieces very small cut. It was like they were stretching meat knowing that BOGO was active this entire week.

•Angelis D did not have hair net.

•Very unsatisfactory service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Boston Market Cons: Customer service.

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I get the impression that you do this often in order to obtain free food! (Didn’t bring money in) coupons are ALWAYS redeemed at time of purchase NOT after the fact!

It’s your responsibility to provide coupon regardless it’s not the restaurants fault you didn’t have any minutes left on your phone! WiFi is a luxury NOT a right!!!!

@R. Mclovin

Go away! U must b an employee or something!

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