9929 S Military Trail #53, Boynton Beach, FL 33436, USA
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Update by user Jul 10, 2018

Corporate did contact me and offer to give me a GIFT CARD instead of refunding my meal. This to me is ransom forgiveness.

Come back in and we will pay for a new meal up to $20, which our botched experience was more than $20. We would of considered going back had they just refunded the credit card for the horrible experience we had. I gave them the credit voucher and receipt so they had all the information to do so. But instead they want to hold the apology-refund ransom.

If you come back in we will give you $20 gift card. How is that an apology or even any kind of rectification when there are conditions behind it? It’s not! It is just another example why this company has some of the worse reviews I have ever read.

Just go to the corporate location and read the reviews. Or pick any random one in any place. They have horrible reviews because of the horrible corporate leadership that trickles down to ALL the local restaurants. We refuse to go back in with ransom-refund policy.

Anyone that does business with this company be prepared for the same relationship. It’s sad that greed, bad leadership and poor ethics ruined a company that once thrived.

Original review posted by user Jun 07, 2018

My wife and I visit here a couple times a week. We come mostly for the Chicken Pop Pie. The last two times this location was out of the item. When waiting to order, we heard: “Are you gonna order?” This is the first thing anyone said anything to us since entering(there was a short line). “We didn’t know it was our turn,” I said. The girl in red said, “What’d ya want?” “Two Pop Pies, one to go and...” “We’re outta those, what’d ya want,” she said again. It’s 8:45 and you close at 10pm, and last time around 8pm you were out too, we explained. “We’re out, what’d else you want?” 1/2 dark meal, 1/2 white meal. No apology, no care, no importance, nothing. We repeated being out again to the cashier. We don’t make enough, he explained. Does the manager know? Where is the manager? “The one in red you spoke to, is the manager, Sara,” he informed. “Is this how she handles being out of a menu item? Does she always treat customers like this?” He giggles a little and said, “Pretty much” and shrugged(great managerial example). Repeatedly out of a menu item; expressing this to a manager: No apology(was borderline rude), no care, no explanation, no importance, we weren’t important AT ALL. As we sat, It was actually the same curt demand for a customers order we heard repeatedly. Another Pop Pie ordered, “Out, what else?” A short time later she sat with customers and ate, no asking about food, no inquiry if anyone needed anything, not looking around the floor or tables, no care whatsoever, she actually ignored everyone not looking around once(see picture).

There are many places to eat in that area. It’s just as easy to go where menu items are available, have managers that care and guests feel like they matter...

Boston Market #132

9929 S Military Trail #53

Boynton Beach, FL 33436

Product or Service Mentioned: Boston Market Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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